I know there's been a thread or two posted about this guy and his blogsite, but I found his most recent column perfectly appalling. Definitely not a gentleman, even if he may think himself a WASP. One would like to hope he made it up.


Sunday, July 27, 2008
Madras Pants And Crazy Stories From My Past

First, I want to thank all the loyal readers that encouraged me to keep the blog, and to officially say I plan to keep going. The week I took off a couple weeks ago was much needed, but life has continued to be stressful with too much going on at work. Anyway, the week I took off gave me a chance to revisit days of fun and games, or also known as days without responsibility. I also took a break from suits and ties, and wore a lot of casual clothing. I thought I would post one of the casual outfits I wore that week, and tell a story from my crazy collegiate past.

It all began my sophomore year of college, and of course there was a lovely girl involved. Julie was my dream at the moment, but one thing stood in my way..........her 22 year old boyfriend. Regardless, being the crafty schemer I was, I decided to pursue her anyway at all cost. I tried flattery, sweet gestures, and numerous other ways to penetrate her heart. She was always half way receptive, but she reminded me that she was taken at the end of the day. Frustrated and impatient, I decided to help things along and it was time for drastic measures. Fortunately, I had befriended several of her sorority sisters, and I would need my closest friend Ivy to help.

As my plan unfolded in my mind, I decided to write a letter to Julie confessing that I had cheated on her with a girl back home in her boyfriend's home county. Oh, I forgot to mention the letter would be written by me, but signed by her boy. I did my homework as well. I found out who he had dated in the past, and I made the girl he cheated with an ex-girlfriend. The letter was typed and sealed in an envelope with a stamp and return address (her boyfriend's). Now, this is the point when Ivy was needed. Ivy would often get Julie's mail for her, and I had Ivy to place the letter in Julie's mail. I hoped that she would not notice that it had not been through the postal service, and she never noticed. Of course, Julie was enraged by the letter, and even though poor boyfriend swore it wasn't true, Julie now had doubt in her mind. One week later, Julie dumped her boy, and I began dating her the next week. Julie was great for a while, but I soon realized she wasn't worth all the trouble and I dumped her. In the end, I realized that I had more in common with Ivy, that little minx.