Hi all, I need some advice...

Though I've recently purchased a pair of Alden's 405's, I'm now considering buying a backup pair. The thing is, I won't be getting a backup pair to wear regularly, nor even infrequently, but rather to use it literally as a backup pair, for use only when my current pair wears out.

My question is, do you suppose that if I buy a pair of 405's now, and not wear them for a few years (treating them with Pecards at least bi-annually) will they still be in 'brand-new' condition when I do come around to wearing them?

So do you suppose that this regiment will be worth it, giving me a pair of boots in the same condition that I got them in when I decide to use them? Or will the leather decay and shrink regardless, making it better if I just had waited and bought a brand new pair when the time comes?

Has anybody tried anything similar? Or know of what might happen? Do tell!