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    Default Virgin Wool super fine

    I recently bought a polo jacket made with Virgin Wool Super Fine. What does Virgin Wool mean? is it not as good as worsted?

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    The sheep wasn't allowed to have sex with the rams.

    Kidding - virgin wool is wool that has been spun for the first time. Worsted is thinner woolen fabric - woolens are thick and heavy fabrics, while worsteds (like fresco or sharkskin) are thinner, lighter and smoother.
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    It means you purchased a wool jacket. Virgin wool is a popular weasel word that manufacturers use to tell you nothing, but convince you its something.

    50 years ago there was a wool shortage, and people would recycle wool to be re-spun into other wool. That was non-virgin wool. Virgin wool was wool used for the first time from the sheep. FWIW, I saw a jacket at old navy once that was 30% recycled wool.

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