Had my first foray into custom clothing (outside of MTM shirts) yesterday. I ordered a single-breasted, two-button blue blazer with side vents, a ticket pocket and workable buttons. I was helped by Vahram @ Mr. Ned - who has made a number of suits and coats for a good friend of mine.

Picked out a 'stock' go-to all-year-round weight wool (might not work in the dead of winter or the blistering heat of the subway station in August). There were other varieties - wool / cashmere blends, different feels and weights, etc - but I really want to start with something basic.

This Blazer is running me $700 + tax (the workable buttons ran me $50 extra)... Hoping for a good experience this time - if I'm pleased with the results and service I'll have a suit made next year. Then a heavier weight Blue blazer - wool / cashmere blend. Then a second suit, some pants - I think you're getting the picture. Will let you know how things work out - should have a scond measuring / fitting in about 2-3 weeks..