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    Default Mr. Ned virgin no more...

    Had my first foray into custom clothing (outside of MTM shirts) yesterday. I ordered a single-breasted, two-button blue blazer with side vents, a ticket pocket and workable buttons. I was helped by Vahram @ Mr. Ned - who has made a number of suits and coats for a good friend of mine.

    Picked out a 'stock' go-to all-year-round weight wool (might not work in the dead of winter or the blistering heat of the subway station in August). There were other varieties - wool / cashmere blends, different feels and weights, etc - but I really want to start with something basic.

    This Blazer is running me $700 + tax (the workable buttons ran me $50 extra)... Hoping for a good experience this time - if I'm pleased with the results and service I'll have a suit made next year. Then a heavier weight Blue blazer - wool / cashmere blend. Then a second suit, some pants - I think you're getting the picture. Will let you know how things work out - should have a scond measuring / fitting in about 2-3 weeks..

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    Congrats and good luck, Mike. Please post pics when all is said and done.

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    I think you were prudent to pick a jacket rather than a costlier full suit as your "toe in the water" item. "Test before rollout" is a good idea generally.
    PJC in NoVa

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    Default Mr. Ned virgin no more...

    If this was the starting you should start with blazer or a jacket

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    I think all the fora would benefit from a detailed photo account of their Mr. Ned product. I still haven't handled a finished product sufficiently to sway my wallet.
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    I won't be providing photos, but I tried them some time ago. I had hoped to use Chan CMT to use up some extra cloth that I didn't thing was worth going full bespoke on. When Chan stopped doing that, I tried Mr. Ned. I had two fittings (not counting the measuring) but was unable to pick up the final product. I hope to get it this week. Things seemed pretty good at the last fitting but you never can really tell until you have the final product in hand. I am expecting a reasonably well fitting machine made suit. I was measured by Louie and Varham did the fittings. I thought he was pretty attentive and knew what he was doing. I don't expect it to compare to hand made bespoke, but it seemed like a sensible option for what I wanted to do. If it works out, I will certainly use them again, though not as a substitute for better bespoke. If I have much more to say either way about the fit or make after picking it up, I will post.
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