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    ....are on sale for about $180 at Pediwear at the moment. I seem to recall that there are a couple of Mad Doggers on here. Any guidance to offer on fit, durability, care?

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    I, too, am toying with the possibility of a purchase. Cleaning and maintenance could be difficult, and matching them to an outfit could be interestingly challenging. Anyone out there already got experience of them? They're a good price I can't help feeling that they'd be a lot of fun - and the cause of much comment!

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    While I find the design to be appealing, I fear the tweed portion of the shoes would be too demanding in terms of care and maintenance. So, as I shun personal ownership of same, I will heartily applaud those with the sartorial courage and personal committment necessary to own and proudly wear a pair of "Mad Dogs." They look incredible!

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