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    Default Grosgrain - Harrisons pure-silk vs Holland & Sherry silk/wool mix

    My tailor is poised to use H&S grosgrain material for the lapel facings & bow tie - it's a 22% silk/78% wool mix from their black tie collection (H&S is his regular cloth supplier).

    The local (Australian) agent for Harrisons can bring in 100% silk grosgrain from their range to order if I want it.

    Does anyone here have any knowledge or experience of the differences in look, feel and texture?
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    I have no experience with either company, so my opinion is pure guess work. However, there are variations in grosgrain with some being of a finer weave than others. This may be the case here. Additionally, the pure silk is likely to have a sheen to it which is probably missing from the wool/silk blend, especially given its high wool content. I personally have always had pure silk grosgrain facings on my dinner jackets and like that look. The easiest solution is to obtain a swatch of the Harrisons to compare. That should be easy enough to obtain as most cloth manufacturers are happy to provide one.
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