My new (used) trench coat came with a throat latch.

Aside from the buckle and two buttons holding the throat latch in the back of the collar when not it use, there are two additional buttons towards the right front collar.

I have been unable to figure out how this piece of equipment is used, and note the following;

1) There is a lot of fabric to the left of the buttonholes. Since this is not utilized in "storage mode", it must have something to do with how it's actually used.
2) The rounded part of the buttonholes is towards the notches. This implies that the throat latch is used in such a way that the notches are not causing stress on the buttonholes.
3) The throat latch is too short to be used to secure one side of the collar to the other unless the coat is missing either more buttons or an additional buckle (I see no sign of either, and it wouldn't make much sense anyway).
4) The throat latch is not secure enough to have its use simply be by attaching it to the front collar buttons and have it hang down at the front of the collar. It wouldn't offer any additional protection.

My research has shown me only the following;
1) The following image that requires a button that my trench coat does not have and a buttonhole that the throat latch does not have.

2) A condescending remark by someone who says that it obviously is to go from the buckle, around the neck, to the buttons at the front. While this would be by thought too, it physically cannot be done (even on my thin neck), and the buttonholes are constructed incorrectly for such fastening.

Does anyone actually KNOW how it is used and able to provide a picture?

Thank you,