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    1. mack11211
      Dear Andy: In the "Ebay Trad Spoilers: Clothes, Shoes & Accoutrements" thread in the Trad forum, I see the message: "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" Is this an error? What must I do to reply in that thread? Regards
    2. SG_67
      Regarding bumping old threads, I've noticed the same thing and it's pretty annoying.

      I'm just thinking that a 30 day old thread, even though it hasn't been posted to in that time, may still be relevant.

      Perhaps 90 days? Just a thought.

    3. Maximilian S
      Maximilian S
      Hi Andy,

      I posted in the 'What would you wear today?' thread but a message came up that my comment would be moderated and it still hasn't showed up after a couple of hours. Are all comments moderated or just mine or only in that thread? Is the thread wrong for the forum? Could you please help?


    4. Curly W
      Curly W
      Hi Andy I was trying to post a thread but it said I did not have the right to do so can you help?


    5. Johnny-Boy
      Hi Andy,

      I sell a lot of dress shirts and would like to advertise on your website.

      Thank you,

    6. DukeGrad

      My time has come, posted a message in the interchange. I have become ill with an altzheimers, and time to move on Andy. See note, thank you.
      Thank you so much for your help in the early time!

      Got to go

      My best
    7. mack11211
    8. david9
      Dear sir,

      I am writing to you from Excelsior Tailor in Bangkok and i would love to get listed in your website under the column of artisian itineries.

      It would be nice if you can give us few procedure as to how does it work and how you could help us market our product more well.

      Few of our company profile is listed below.
      We look forward for some cooperation from your side and look forward working with you.
      We are Bangkok Tailor for over 40 years and have a large client based worldwide.
      We are constantly applying new means of technology to make the quality of our garments and efficiency of our services the best in the industry. Our team is constantly on the move, learning the ever changing fashion trends and the cultural
      differences that impact the way people dress around the world.

      We are not merely bespoke tailors, but in fact fashion consultants. We
      want you to look good. Regardless of your shape and size, we make it
      our mission to make you the best dressed individual in your workplace
      or at whatever occassion you plan to attend. With our years of
      experience and knowledge of styles and materials we can help you
      design clothing that is perfect for you.
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