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  1. oxford
    oxford xcubbies
    What do you think of David Wood Ltd. in Portland.
    1. xcubbies
      I just noticed your question. I haven't bought very much there, mostly because I don't need anymore clothing. But he seems like a nice guy, has some interesting items, and does bespoke suits. The clothing store adjacent to his shop is very expensive, with $125 lumberjack shirts. For that stuff I go to Beans.
      Sep 24, 2017 at 1:20 AM
  2. Fragrancelover
    My key to dealing with stress is simple: just stay cool and stay focused.
  3. maximar
    maximar Three Button
    I saw ur post. I have a few 3b suits and sport coats, I can pass on. What's ur size?
  4. mack11211
    mack11211 Andy
    Dear Andy: In the "Ebay Trad Spoilers: Clothes, Shoes & Accoutrements" thread in the Trad forum, I see the message: "(You have insufficient privileges to reply here.)" Is this an error? What must I do to reply in that thread? Regards
  5. Billax
    Billax L-feld
    L-feld, in your search for a site on which you can see a bolder set of Ivy Style photos, you might try my Pinterest page (, which I use as a photo repository for the topics that interest me. – the Ivy League look is one). Commentary describes only the stuff in the photo.

    Good luck in your search....

  6. Cassadine
    I enjoy the civility & wit of AAAC. I blame Kurt Cobain for the West's decline. Brian Jones was tragic but he always had style. In spades.
  7. Oldsarge
  8. Mr. B. Scott Robinson
  9. kevpm
    Thanks Matt! Just Need to find them in the uk now...
  10. Matt S
    Matt S kevpm
  11. kevpm
    kevpm Matt S
    Hi Matt,

    Since you're an expert on the subject I hope you don't mind me asking you another question!

    To go with my black patent opera pumps I need a quality pair of silk socks to go with them (I think). Could you recommend a pair / a brand for me? Also in your opinion should they be slightly transparent / translucent or plain black?

    Thanks again

  12. WillBarrett
    Shoot me your address so I can get shipping quotes and we'll see what we can do.
  13. MadShoeStink
    MadShoeStink kbuzz
    Hello, any chance your cordovan boots are still available? If so, how much? Thanks.
  14. Opposite Saybrook
    Opposite Saybrook WillBarrett
    Thanks again. How about I take the suit for $50 and the Gant tie for $12, and you pay shipping?
  15. Opposite Saybrook
    Opposite Saybrook WillBarrett
    Hmm, not sure if my last message worked. I'm wondering about the fabric mix (cotton/poly) and whether there is room to let the pants out on the JAB poplin suit you posted. Thanks!
  16. ThisIsMyAAUserName
    ThisIsMyAAUserName TweedyDon
    Hi - curious about the Oakloom and Paul Stuart jackets you recently listed on the trad forum. How wide are the lapels? Thanks!

  17. Timelesshurry
    Timelesshurry RogerP
    Hello Roger,

    I would like to ask you if you would tell me the model number of your Omega with the clean dial, leaf hands and blue second? I am looking for a nice classy watch for a while now, but you Omega really stands out. I find that watch amazing and would like to find one for me.

    Kind regards
    Nino Gabriel
  18. Woofboxer
    'I'm not that keen on the Average Look.........ever.'
    John Simons
    [email protected] Peak and Pine
    I have a question about your post about armholes: is such a procedure of raising the armholes reversible without sustaining any damage to the suit? are the sides able to be let out without damage after they have been already taken in/such an alteration has occured?
    the thing is: I had it done & undone on a suit & I may be imagining but I feel its become tighter around my chest/'armholes' & the sleeves feel shorter even after the sides supposedly been let out. the question is: are they able to be let out all the way to the original? & the sleeves crease on the 'inside' (the under-arm side) when you bend your arm or fold it towards the body (like when you put your hand on your heart).
    its a dior homme btw.
  20. stevedrambus
    stevedrambus Steve Smith
    Would like to buy a shirt. Not sure how to send you a message. Thanks