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    These are products and merchants with which I have personal experience, and have found to be my most favorite. They are the best in their category listed alphabetically. Some are advertisers for this website; some are not. Brands designated with an asterisk (*) are Ask Andy About Clothes Advertising Partners. […]

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    AskAndyAboutClothes.com is devoted to what to wear, how to properly wear it, and the history of why we wear what we do.

    Check out Andy’s story and how this website came to be.

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Thank you for your website! It is hard for me to relate how much I appreciate the wealth of information found on the site itself and in the forums. Also, as a physician, I appreciate the drive to provide information that is as free of commercial bias as possible. I don’t normally join forums, preferring to lurk, but yours is special.

— Dr. D. S. Minnesota, USA

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The Ten Most Common Men’s Fashion Mistakes

80% of what others first notice about us is our clothes. And just by avoiding many of the common dress mistakes men make they can boost their outward image and greatly enhance the impression they make on others.


Clothes DO Make the Man

What you wear really does make a difference in how you influence the people around you. When your credibility is crucial, in situations such as job interviews or first dates, it is important to made a “good” first impression and new research shows us how best we can do that.

Color Coordination For Men

You choice of how you mix and match the elements of your attire can have lasting impression on how you look to others. Some colors work well together and others do not. Learn how to coordinate the colors that work for you and the image you want to convey.

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Moral Code Shoes Review

Moral Code: Disrupting the Men’s dress shoes & leather goods industry. Free shipping & returns on every order.

Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons Luxury!

Most of the items on Kabbaz-Kelly & Sons website are described as “world’s finest”, luxurious, and it’s not hype! Their items really are the finest in the world.


Hira’s fashion

HIRAS TAILORING, a family owned Bespoke Custom Tailors based in London & Hong Kong. They regularly visit USA & Canada too!


Ravis Custom Tailor Updated!

I just got my third Ravis Tailor Sport Jacket! Another perfect fit in a subtle navy with plaid pattern. http://www.ravistailor.com/
Ravis has a great selection of fabrics and their traveling master tailors come to a city near you.

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